Are you interested in modeling full-time or part-time to earn a living or supplement your income, but have not yet gained any experience in front of the camera? There is no age limit, but you should feel comfortable in front of the lens and enjoy presenting your best side. Are discipline, reliability, self-confidence, teamwork, and flexibility your strong points? Do you often receive feedback and feel that you “come across well,” and can convey a healthy and lively image? To generate income, you should be aware that you must first invest in yourself. This includes a professional portfolio. We are happy to advise you on whether it makes sense to pursue this path and help you connect with experienced photographers if necessary. We require informative photos, age, height, home airport, as well as information about any existing camera experience and why you are applying to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

We also look forward to receiving your email, along with relevant information such as age, measurements, experience, home airport, composite, 4-5 exemplary photos of your book, actual polas and instagram-link

Photos with this information:

  • Age
  • Height
  • EU Size
  • Main place of residence
  • Instagram Address

Please send to: and let us know how you have found us.

You can find our General Terms and Conditions for models here:


Exposure: Agencies have established connections within the industry, allowing models to gain exposure to a wider range of clients and projects.

Professional Representation: An agency serves as a model’s professional representative, one of the most important task being the negotiating of contracts, dayrates, buyouts and other terms on their behalf as well as keeping tracks of the buyouts in the case of future usage.

Credibility: Being represented by a reputable agency adds credibility to a model’s portfolio and increases their chances of being considered for high-profile projects.

Networking Opportunities: Agencies often have relationships with photographers, designers, and other industry professionals, creating opportunities for models to collaborate with top talent.

Diverse Roles: Agencies can offer models access to a variety of job opportunities, from runway and editorial work to commercial and promotional assignments.

Guidance and Training: Many agencies provide training, coaching, and guidance to help models improve their skills, develop their personal brand, and succeed in the industry.

Legal Protection: Agencies handle contracts and negotiations, ensuring that models’ rights are protected and that they are fairly compensated for their work.

Portfolio Development: Agencies often assist models in building and curating their portfolios, showcasing their versatility and enhancing their marketability.

Support System: Working with an agency provides models with a support system that can offer advice, guidance, and assistance throughout their careers.

Opportunity to Focus: By delegating administrative tasks and bookings to the agency, models can concentrate more on their craft and professional growth.

Global Reach: Reputable agencies may have an international presence, offering models the chance to work in various locations around the world.

Long-Term Growth: Agencies often have a vested interest in a model’s long-term success, helping them develop their careers over time.