Hotspot Mallorca: The island is often referred to as the hub of Europe. And with good reason: a pleasant Mediterranean climate all year round, paired with a light that immerses the incomparable scenic diversity of Mallorca in an almost magical setting, spoils all the senses. Turquoise blue sea, deep green mountains, lush nature, vineyards as far as the eye can see and snow-white salt pans – top locations, united on 3,640 square kilometers. Especially for luxury boat and yacht shoots the Balearic islands are ideal.

The European “Miami” offers a wide range of architecture. From the rustic finca in the dreamiest village to the high-tech villa in the sophisticated luxury port. Film and photo productions have therefore been taking place here for a wide range of enthusiastic customers worldwide for decades. Our models and we – and of course numerous experts from the production area – are excellently prepared for this onslaught. Location scouts, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, production companies, caterers and of course above all: MODELS of all ages.

The fact that local models can travel almost free of charge throughout Spain as island residents also makes it very interesting to book them with our Majorca-based model agency not only for the Balearic Islands, but also for the Spanish mainland and the Canary Islands. Last but not least, our multi-lingual support and international team plus unprecedented reliability make us your ideal partner for advertising productions throughout Spain.

We are happy to support you with our contacts and provide models from our extensive portfolio that are guaranteed to match your requirement profile and make your advertising goals a hit.

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