Which type of model belongs to the Bestagers and Family Models category?

Professionals from the advertising and media industry prefer models of all ages who already have camera experience. This also applies to the group of bestagers, which are now very much in demand. Because demographic change means that the target audience for advertising campaigns is also getting older. Typically, families  – often up to three generations – are more and more in demand for commercial advertising. They don’t have to be real families. Naturalness and credibility are looked for.

What qualities should such a model have?

Best Agers and Family Models should not be afraid of the camera and should have the appropriate experience. Even beginners can be scouted and start a new career, as long as they feel comfortable in front of the camera and are fit. They should appear natural and believable, whereby discipline and professionalism are prerequisites, as the productions are usually about a lot of money.

At what age is one considered an official Bestager?

When do you feel at your “best age”? The answer is probably different for every person. There is no official age limit, the transitions are fluid. Bestagers or Silver Surfers should definitely show their age and their wrinkles, but come across as fit, healthy and with a lively and positive charisma.

Why does THE Bestagemodels International focus on the aforementioned groups?

As has been observed for many years, the demographic age curve is increasing drastically in Europe. Thus, the advertising target group is getting older. Especially the high-income clientele is often in the so-called baby boomer generation and would like to be able to identify with the models. Without a certain credibility, the campaign can otherwise completely miss the desired target group. Although the creative directors in advertising agencies are typically much younger than in other industries, this fact is now well known. Middle-aged models are being sought more and more. Of course you can also get the “Opi” from the street. However, this often makes the extremely cost-intensive productions unpredictable in terms of time. Models of any age with experience are preferred by professionals.

How has the market for bestagers developed in recent years?

Due to the demographic development in industrialized countries and the associated aging of society, there is great market potential for models that are “getting old”, so to speak. Where a typical model career used to end at 35, things are now really just getting started. Especially regarding the men. The baby boomer target group with purchasing power wants an age-appropriate approach and increasingly identifies with models who are not too far apart in age. This trend has been observed for several years in the classic market segments of luxury, health and finance. On the other hand, what is completely new is that the fashion sector is also becoming more and more interesting for bestage models. We are not only talking about 50+ models but up to 80+. There is an increasing need in society to be promised a certain youthfulness that never ends.

For which campaigns are Bestagers and Family Models mainly required?

Typical campaigns for bestagers or family models are in the areas of health, insurance, banking, luxury goods and vacations.

How to become a model at THE Bestagemodels International?

Potential models apply directly via the website, contact us via social media or are sometimes scouted directly. Since we have far more than 90% direct bookings – i.e. without live castings – a good book / portfolio is immensely important. We would be happy to advise you on the selection of photos or put you in touch with specialized test photographers in Germany, Switzerland or Mallorca for newcomers and career changers. Feel free to write to our booker Rafa for more information.